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One of our trained Field Representatives will complete an initial inspection of your property to assess possible damage. If they believe you have enough damage that would meet insurance company loss requirements they will advise you to file a claim with your insurance provider.

The first step is to locate your homeowner's insurance policy and be sure to keep it handy. You will be able to find a 1-800-Claim-Number on this statement; this claim number is often on your insurance provider's website as well. Simply call this claim number to file a claim, and provide them with the information that your Field Representative has given you.

Many of our customers find filing a claim online faster, which avoids lengthy hold times. You can click the links below and follow instructions online for filing a claim. Most insurance companies have a specific department, not your agent's office, to file homeowner's claims. This information also can be found quickly online via the below links:
State Farm
Liberty Mutual
The Hartford
Chubb Group
Auto Owners
Country Financial
Horace Mann
American National
Once you have filed a claim an adjuster will schedule a visit your property to confirm the severity of damage, and develop a Scope of Damage. Please call your Field Representative to make ensure he meets your adjuster at your property. We strongly recommend you take advantage of our Field Reps ability to help negotiate the proper claim settlement. We know what it takes to complete the roofing project and will be sure the settlement includes everything you need to restore your home to pre-storm condition.

Once the adjuster has confirmed damages they will create an itemized estimate to restore your property with materials of like kind and quality. Most insurance companies use pricing software systems that will be used by the adjuster. These pricing software systems average the material and labor costs of your region for each line item. This pricing is what insurance companies determine "Fair Market Value" in an attempt to efficiently attract the minimal quality contractor at the lowest possible cost. Your Field Representative will be able to ensure all the proper line items are included to ensure you receive the highest quality job possible.

Once a settlement is figured, most insurance carriers mail the claim summary within 7-10 days. Once you receive this paperwork and check from your insurance provider call your Field Representative so they can review the Statement of Loss, select new materials, and go over the construction process with you.
Almost all insurance carriers apply depreciation to each item in the settlement. Think of this as hold back for the difference in value of what your roofing/siding is worth aged (damaged) vs. what it will be worth when it's newly restored. Veterans Construction final price for completing your job will be the exact estimate your Field Representative has negotiated with your insurance provider. This ensures that when repairs are complete we can send the proper invoice to your provider for you.

In order for you to receive the depreciation amount in full, your claim must complete in full and provide invoices for the work. Veterans Construction sends your invoices for you and we place a follow up call to your carrier to ensure they issue you the final amounts owed. Once you receive your final payment from the insurance company please call your Field Representative to arrange a time for final payment.
State Law requires insurance companies to include your mortgage holder on any payments made to you on property losses over a certain amount. This is because they have a vested interest in your home, and in the event the claim repairs are not completed, the mortgage carrier is carrying the loan on a home that is now worth less than previously appraised.

Sometimes mortgage companies can be incredibly tedious to work with in recent years, due to the failing housing market. Our staff will facilitate this process with diligence and tenacity but we may need a follow up call or two from you. It's crucial for us to work together so you receive your funding in a timely manner.
In order Veterans Construction to guarantee we provide you with the best workmanship, products and warranty possible, it is essential that your carrier covers the claim in full. There are over 25 steps in both the re-roofing and re-siding processes. Failure to complete one of these steps will result in an inferior roofing/siding system. We employ a Claim Supplement Specialist to ensure your provider covers the, never missing critical components in the process.

Most items missed by the insurance provider are simple oversights. We provide them with pictures, diagrams and estimates for our clients so the claim process continues without disruption.