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The tear off begins by laying out tarps around your home to help collect the vast majority of the debris that will be taken off of your roof. Our highly trained roofing crew will then use a variety of tools and techniques to remove your old shingles and underlayment. The decking (wood) will then be inspected for any rotting areas that may need to be replaced.
Once the decking has been inspected, underlayment will be installed. In most areas of the country, a roof can't withstand exposure to the elements with just a layer of shingles to protect it. An underlayment layer is needed to deter water penetration. Tar Paper is then rolled out and secured over decking. Ice & Water Shield may be needed along the eaves and in valleys to protect from ice dams depending on which region of the country you live in. This is a recommended for areas of the country that experience severe winter weather, especially snow and ice storms, and is a required building code in many areas, be sure to ask your Field Representative if Ice & Water Shield is needed on your home.
Your shingles make up approximately 40% of the appearance of your home, which is why choosing the right shingle and color are very important. The roofing (shingle color) you choose should complement the exterior and trim color of your home. Getting a new roof is a perfect time to increase the curb appeal of your home. If you have concerns over which is the right color from your home, your trained Field Representative will be able to give you the best option to match your home's color and style.
Ventilating your home properly is an essential component to increasing the life expectancy of your roof. Properly balancing an attic ventilation system helps to: eliminate excess moisture and heat which protects your roof from prematurely deteriorating. It also prevents rotting of your decking (plywood sheathing). It limits the growth of harmful mold and shields possessions stored in the attic against mildew damage. It may also reduce air conditioning and heating costs. Either ridge vent or roof louvers (box style) will be installed according to your current ventilation system or according to specification you discussed with your field representative.
Clean up is extremely important to us. We want it to appear as if we were never at your home and your roofing magically changed itself. While the installation process is being completed keep in mind the one or two guys cleaning up may not be able to keep up with the other crew members working on your home. But, be assured once your new roof is completed all the debris will be cleaned up around your home. The last thing that is done is a magnet will be run across the driveway, yard, and other landscaping to ensure that we get as many nails as possible out of your yard. We treat your home as if it was our own.
Once the construction process is completed your Field Representative will complete a final walkthrough to ensure that the Shingles are uniform, the accessories match, the gutters and siding have been installed satisfactorily, and that debris is adequately cleaned up. If you have questions or concerns about the installation or your new roof, siding, or gutter system your Field Representative will be able to address them at this time.