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Vinyl siding has become a wonderful option for homeowners who are looking to increase the appearance of their home, while reducing maintenance and increasing energy efficiency. Vinyl siding technology has improved drastically over the past several years and is a superior choice to brick, wood, stucco, stone, or metal sidings; based on vinyl's ability to withstand severe weather conditions, resist rot, lower energy costs, and is essentially maintenance free. Not only that, but today's vinyl is twice as think as aluminum and other metal sidings, and is manufactured with color through technology ensuring lasting beauty. New siding has the ability to rejuvenate older homes giving them a completely fresh appearance and considerably reducing up keep and maintenance cost.

Many homeowners ask about metal wrapping of fascia, window wraps and other painted wood trim. Our skilled siding crews are able to cover nearly any painted wood on your home with high quality enameled aluminum trim coil. Trim coil is bent to fit the bends in window lineals, garage and door openings, and never again need to be painted because of rotting wood. After the coil is bent and installed over the wood our crew seals all of the seams to prevent water intrusion, protecting your home permanently.

If you are having trouble deciding on what type of siding to restore your home with below are some of the benefits from choosing vinyl siding from Veterans Construction.
Vinyl siding is the most durable coating for the exterior of your home. Unlike wood that warps, peels, and loses its' color, vinyl never needs painted, has a lifetime color warranty, and can be cleaned simply with a quick spray from the hose. And, unlike aluminum or other metal siding Vinyl won't dent, and is engineered to be impact resistant.
Aluminum and other metal sidings conduct cold and heat, which adds undue stress to the insulating barriers on your home. Since a lot of vinyl sidings have insulating values, vinyl siding can add another insulating layer to your home.
Aluminum, Wood, and most other siding materials are painted, and thus chip and fade over time. Vinyl siding's color is manufactured through the entire product. This ensures color fastness for the entire life of the product with minimum fading, and eliminates visible scratches, chips, or rust. The vinyl products that Veterans Construction installs come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty that proects your home against fading.