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Jeff joined the United States Marine Corp in September of 1980 and was honorably discharged in 1983. The job market in NE Ohio where he had gone to high school was extremely weak and upon graduation so he decided to take advantage of the opportunity the Marines promised of steady employment, job training, and to a chance to see the world.

After arriving at the MCRD (Marine Corp Recruiting Depot) San Diego, he was first stationed at Camp Pendleton as an MOS 0341 (81 Mortar Man). He then did a WESTPAC tour (Hong Kong, Okinawa, & Philippines). He separated from the service in 1983, started work as a circuit board builder, certified electrician, then lift truck assembler, and customer service manager.

Chester was drafted into the United States Army at the height of the Korean war in August of 1951 where he received training as a neropsychology medic. He was then stationed on the pediatric-maternity war in Panama.

After serving our country during the Korean War his first civilian job was selling sporting wares at the department store Polsky's Department Store, after which he started his own photography business, then sold automobiles, and was an Insurance Investigator for Retail Credit Company before settling into an 8.5 year career as a truck driver. During his time as a truck driver he felt a calling into the United Methodist Church where he served as a Pastor for over 25 years.